Massive thanks and shout out to our decore team for prepping for weeks to put on a UV Wonderland for our reunion.

by Stef Cooper & Louise Black & Seanie Purple

Zone 1 (outside space) decor
by Pirotechnics & Pirainia

Zone 2 Design & Construct
by Louise Black: Engineer Extraordinaire

Chill Space and Enchanted Neon Garden
by Ashlie Hmua, Lana Luxe, Judith Sammut, Dee Tsd, Louise Black, Kellie Liistro, Nikola Milczanowska, Sharon Pianta, Beks Sijahoui, Michael Kulwich, Abby Ellul

Chill Space Extras
– Giant Toadstools: Kellie Liistro, Philip Baker, Hikari Shiraki, Kane Liistro, Abby Ellul, Bonnie Fletchere, Jess Keegan.
– Waterfall helpers: Kellie Liistro, Philip Baker.

Main Room
UV Dream Catchers: Kellie Liistro, Bonnie Fletchere, Abby Ellul, Hikari Shiraki

Main Stage and Dance Floor
Jessie Oakley, Wayne Dunne, Seanie Purple, Kellie Liistro

Zone 6 – Art Installation
Dreamcatcher Ball: Kellie Liistro (adornments made by Dragana Radmanovic, Bonnie Fletchere & Abby Ellul).

Memorial Tribute Room
Concept and design by Laura Lidgerwood
Star Mobile: Kellie Liistro, Jessica Michaels, Stephen Green Cat Mushroom, Philip Baker

Kandy Station
by Jade Chadwick

Toilets decor
by Louise Black & Nikola Milczanowska

Decore contributed by Genfil Solo the original NRG decor artist.